Harsha V. Agadi

The world’s greatest innovations do not come from minds that accept the status quo. Rather, they come from minds that see what can be — minds that view the world from a different lens.

At Crawford, we believe that celebrating diversity -- in thought, culture, gender, age, ethnicity and experience – maximizes each employee’s potential and expands our strategic perspective. That notion goes far beyond employee demographics. It’s centered firmly on inclusion in every area of our business and reflected in our values as a global company.

Our workforce extends across more than 70 countries and allows us to better serve our clients. More importantly, our global workforce positively enhances our corporate culture as we benefit from different perspectives that enable us to perform at the highest level.

As a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Institute, Crawford is committed to excellence in the risk management industry by honoring the differences that make us stronger and by promoting diversity inside and outside of our business. By cultivating an environment in which all the contributions of all individuals are valued, we ensure that we are exceeding client expectations with fresh ideas and new products that redefine our industry and our worldview.

Our success stems from the richness of our collective experience, and that experience allows us to lead our industry in innovation, customer service and employee satisfaction.