Insurance Industry CEOs Announce Commitment Statement at Business Insurance's First Annual Diversity & Inclusion Institute Conference

Diversity & Inclusion Institute | 09/29/2016

The world and our industry have never faced more change and opportunity than we do today. Diverse and inclusive teams have been proven to be more effective, and able to create better economic and social outcomes.

Programming Announced for Absolute Inclusion Conference

Joanne Wojcik | 08/05/2016

A branch of the comedy empire that helped shape American theater for nearly 50 years will use the power of improv to demonstrate the benefits of greater workplace diversity and inclusion during Business Insurance's Absolute Inclusion Leadership Conference in Chicago this September.

Calling All Millennials!

Joanne Wojcik | 08/05/2016

This year, millennials surpassed Gen Xers as the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, but not enough of these highly educated and tech-savvy individuals are seeking careers in risk management or commercial insurance.

Workplaces Can Discriminate Based on Sexual Orientation, Federal Judges Rule

Madeline Buckley and Amy Bartner | 07/29/2016

A panel of federal judges ruled last month that employers can refuse to hire or promote persons based on sexual orientation. Madeline Buckley and Amy Bartner from the IndyStar report on this ruling, which comes a year after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.

Former White House Staffer Becomes First Transgender Woman to Address DNC

Eugene Scott and MJ Lee | 07/28/2016

In 2012 Sarah McBride made history as the first openly transgender person to work in the White House. Last month she made headlines as the first transgender person to speak at a national political convention. Eugene Scott and MJ Lee from CNN report on this historic event.

Five Vital Workplace Diversity Metrics and How to Use Them

Jenna Ryberg | 07/27/2016

As companies create diversity programs and strategies, developing a system for measuring results is critically important. Jenny Ryberg, with idashboards, presents five ways companies can best assess the effectiveness of their diversity initiatives.

My Re-awakening on White Privilege

Diane Krieman | 07/26/2016

After years of experience in the field of Diversity and Inclusion, an exercise during a diversity training session led Diane Krieman to examine how her life as a white person is filled with opportunities and benefits not always accessible to others. Ms. Krieman shares her experience in this LinkedIn article.

Diversity Reports Show Tech Industry Doing Little After Talking A Lot

Salvador Rodriguez | 07/22/2016

Two years ago, Facebook and Google publicly committed to creating more diverse workforces, but their 2016 diversity reports reveal no significant changes in staff. Inc.'s Salvador Rodriguez writes that a diversity of qualified people exists, but tech companies are doing very little to bring them on board.

Intent vs. Impact: On Instagram Photos and Pipeline Problems

Brittany Harris | 07/21/2016

Facebook was scrutinized last month after attributing its lack of diversity in staff to a dearth in minority talent. A selfie taken by Republican Capitol Hill interns went viral because of its glaring lack of diversity. In the Inclusion Solution, Brittany Harris writes that an organization's makeup speaks volumes about its commitment to diversity.

In Good Faith: How Employers Can Foster Inclusion of Religious Diversity

Regis Coccia | 07/15/2016

Religious beliefs expressed through spiritual observances and practices, garb and grooming are the most personal and visible signs of diversity in the workplace. Employers must reasonably accommodate these differences to prevent discrimination and ensure an inclusive environment. D&I Special Contributor Regis Coccia explores ways employers can manage religious differences in the workplace.




Diversity & Inclusion Institute Conference


The Diversity & Inclusion Institute Conference will be held on Sept. 28-29 in Chicago, notwithstanding the closure of Business Insurance magazine.The founding partners and supporting members of the Institute will continue to produce this important event for the commercial insurance industry. Information can still be found on the Institute’s website: